Local Security constantly strives to attain distinction by facilitating quality services to our business partners, perpetuating elevated levels of customer-client and worker relationships. This fantastic customized care and highly dedicated services are significant contributing factors in Surrey Security Services of Local Security, getting the contracts of some of the best security companies in the UK and achieving the leader’s name in security services. 

Our excellence begins with our local presence and local leadership. Local Security in Surrey work diligently tailor-made a security arrangement that will best profit your security needs and business while keeping working prices in mind.

Local Security is continuously looking for different approaches and new ideas to advance the abilities, overcome obstacles to success, improve working ways, an embedded habit of development and sharing and learning knowledge. 

We have strengthened our position as the major UK supplier of security services, with industry-leading market coverage, expertise and talent. At Local Security in Surrey, we take time to know and understand our customers’ requirements, with many years of experience within the security industry, and we suggest the best solutions by working with you.



We are the solution you are searching for. Local Security has a performance history and achievements in the security organizations over the years. We are well managed and owned security company that knows the environment we protect. We tackle every customer according to their security needs, and we share unique security plans according to the client’s situation and needs. Our supervisor visits the security guards frequently and randomly, as we give free supervision round the clock. We assure you that you are only spending for the periods our security guards are actively and physically at their posts or patrolling that customers can quickly and immediately approach.



Local Security has developed an extensive range of security services with entirely cost-effective packages. We provide cutting-edge innovative technology and leading, proactive security services that permit customers to focus on their business. We believe that there is no greater goal than serving clients and protecting them in today’s world. We collaborate and partner with you to honestly understand your security requirements and objectives. With our leading security solutions, technology services and security services, we are there for you.


Employing a security guard for your home, business and event ensure that the individuals getting in and out of your place are being watched by real people stopping an incident from occurring rather than just settling the issue after it has happened.


We provide integrated and innovative security solutions to zones like the late-night economy and hospitality industry with a fully  SIA licensed and highly trained team of door supervisors. We sustain a highly professional and expert team of reserve door supervisors


At Local Security, we aim to provide you with complete peace of mind secure in the knowledge that your business and premises are safe and secure. After the close of your business, our security services will take control of the security setup for your premises or business. 


We are experts in executive protection and close protection. We have years of experience in the field of security and high-risk areas. Most of our close protection bodyguards are former members of police, army or intelligence services.



Local Security cater for our clients with advanced technology keeping patrolling security service with our trained and SIA approved supervisors. We can facilitate you and your business site with an international scope of patrolling service to keep your location safe and secure. We provide the best technology to ensure that every aspect and corner of the office is safe and risk-free. Our well-trained security staff work efficiently and intellectually to make you risk-free.



We know that a nightclub’s environment requires unique safety solutions to keep the threats at bay. We also understand that every financier is essential for your business. This is why we have selected our security guards and officers who are well-trained and professional in customer care, security tactics, crowd control and conflict resolution. Whether it is a common troublemaker or a drunken guest causing an inconvenience, our nightclub security guards know how to handle them. We assure to make your nightclub a secure place for your financiers and staff, as we are alert and dedicated to stopping any form of mishap from occurring in your bar.



Internal theft and break-ins are reported as the two most significant troubles for warehouse managers. It is pivotal to remember the significance of security throughout the warehouses to prevent chances for theft. It is as substantial as the checkpoints and further access controls are. Local Security has SIA licensed and professional security officers with experience in the environment of warehouses. Let Surrey Security ready a plan of action to serve you, preventing theft and filching.



Local Security provides security services to industries for an extensive range of industrial environments. We partner with our customers to set practical goals and expand a security-directed culture that guarantees our customers’ interests are always safe. We work with our customers to generate a multi-layered and evident security guard presence at every site. We provide security guards to protect and watch the ground and guide and train our guards on how best to employ common-sense disincentives.



Our security officers and supervisors are ambassadors of protection. As one of the most rapidly growing security companies in the UK, Surrey Security Services cover its role of giving high-standard, extraordinary and professional security services to all customers and restaurants. Our team of highly-skilled guards will assist stop theft, employee filching, unofficial approach and wild behaviours. As a result, you will increase the comfort and security of your patrons and staff.



Employing a security guard for your home, business and event ensure that the individuals getting in and out of your place are being watched by real people stopping an incident from occurring rather than just settling the issue after it has happened. Not only can our security guards prevent any dubious activity, but keeping the security outside of your places can keep the criminals off attacking your business because of the possible risk of doing so. Our security guards are also best trained to eradicate the risk of any mishap from any event and business site.



At Local Security, we understand that each event, whether a music event, sporting event or corporate event, has many different security procedures and requirements. Our crowd management team can give a customized solution to your event requirements regardless of the complexity or size.

Our unique approach to event security management is underpinned by our company’s values, as we trust in providing staff that have the best potential capabilities for your event.



Youth is the future of our country, society and the globe as well. They are needed to be secured at all costs. This is why our skilled, SIA certified team at Local Security is here to give the best security guards for educational institutions in Surrey. Our team has been in the security services field for a long time. We analyze and understand every minute detail when we appoint our security staff to secure educational institutions. Our certified security guards are trained and know how to act accordingly in different situations.



Surrey Security Services of Local Security mission is to offer the best Cinemas/Theatre security services and insurance to theatre forums. We are so purveying moviegoers the excellent time of safe and pleasing roister. However, at the same time assuring a safe working environment for theatre workers. We have been offering matchless security services to our clients. Our security guards work with the clients to give individualized and realistic security plans.



Equipment of constructions sites is the primary target for vandals and opportunist thieves. Local Security has the ways and methods to protect these assets through comprehensive professional and skilled services options. Our professional security guards show world-class customer service and cater as the front-door protection ambassadors for our customers. We can provide incident track and real-time data to inform the security supervisors and clients better. No security providing company in Surrey has a close collaboration of skill set, experience and dedication to security and safety of construction sites.



When it comes to protecting your business, Local Security have years of experience in corporate security. Our SIA certified, highly trained security guards can provide a wide range of security services in whatever sector is your organization. Every business has varied needs of security according to its image, location and clientele. We value these differentiations and provide security guards who not only match your security needs but can also blend into the specific atmosphere and style of your business.



We are a leading provider of retail security services nationwide.  Serving various national retail chains, Local Security gives retail security services for every aspect of the retail business. Retail security officers are skilled to minimize inventory loss and giving your customers extra confidence and encouragement. Each environment needs a different technique and electronic cameras to business-attired undercover agents and investigators. We are specifically experts at handling store closings, grand openings and protection.


Most Frequent Questions & Answers

At Local Security, we cover the whole of the Surrey area. We have an abundance of locally-based guards in the area. We also offer nationwide security stretched around the whole of the United Kingdom.

All the guards at Local Security have been thoroughly vetted and screened by the SIA and ourselves to ensure that they hold a valid SIA license and can lawfully work on site. Employment history, character references, immigration checks and DBS checks are all undertaken for all the applicants prior to holding an SIA certification.

We believe that security officers and guards must look presentable, approachable and professional as they are the authority figure. That is why all of our guards come smartly and presentably uniformed. The guards will also have high visibility jackets/vests to easily recognize themselves as security officers.

We select each guard by short-listing and recruiting all candidates. We go through guards that are experienced, trained and fit to the site requirement. Then we determine how many candidates are well suited and meet all the requirements with skills by interviewing every candidate.

We provide security to McDonalds, TGI Fridays, Vue Cinemas and many more. We also provide security to other sites.

We are a wholly insured security provider and hold different industry accreditations.

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