Local Security is the premier security provider for personal, residential and commercial safety and security. Our security services are ambassadors of protection. We at Local Security provide high-quality, exceptional, professional security and solutions to clients’ problems. Our clientele hangs on us for state-of-the-art protection and the highest calibre training, and we work to surpass their expectations. 

The formal training and skill set of our high-quality workforce is our most significant asset. Every security staff member understands and knows that our constant success depends on giving customer service with correctness and at the possible elevated level.

Is your security system as savvy as you are? Local Security integrated approach to security offers a reasonable solution for premises and businesses. We at Local Security create the right and perfect security solution for you. 

We assist you in making your world a safe place, by offering high-quality, sustainable and innovative security services to the clients and helping them keep ahead of their threats so that they can pay attention to their core business. Local Security in London and around the different counties make people feel secure every day.



We supply exceptional, competent security services for a wide range of entertainment, residential and commercial clients with a dedication to providing them mental calmness. Our company’s most significant benefit over other security competitors is that our exceptional security services are efficient, energetic, strategic, economical and professional. Providing vigilant and excellent service is the soul of our business. We proudly get into our mission.

We are continuously hiring security guards and agents who keep in communication with each other all the time. This continuous communication between guard and agent enables us to offer quick help to our officers in the specific field and give more efficient and faster security services to our customers.



Local Security is a private independent security company in London. We have set an enviable reputation in providing the highest security standards in London. Our security services have been customized to offer complete lifestyle management and security for high-net-worth families, individuals and businesses visiting or based in London.

Passionate about Security – Property, Business and Personal. Our bespoke security services are professional, highly efficient and personable. The majority of our security guards and supervisors have extensive British military and police backgrounds. Their vast experience and training enable us to provide you with an unmatched security service with the utmost professionalism and direction. Connect us today and see for yourself why we are the selected security providers nationwide.


Local Security provide effective safeguarding solutions to serve our client’s requirements. We guarantee that our professional security services are furnished constantly according to the client’s needs. We offer our services at astonishingly competitive prices. Secure your home.


Managing a door takes hard work, flexibility, skill and good customer care service. Local Secsurity SIA certified security team is highly trained and capable of dealing with all situations. The safety of your venue, staff members and clients comes first; that’s why our skilled, professional staff are experts in discouraging antisocial behaviour


All businesses require a safe and secure environment in which to work and grow, and it is fraught with many challenges to achieve this ideal environment—preventing unlawful approaches to your premises via CCTV security, eliminating criminal harm, theft and minimizing the potential risks which must be talked about.


Local Security is providing bodyguard services for close protection to Individuals, VIP’s, groups, families or anyone who may be at risk in and around risky areas across London. After getting a comprehensive risk assessment, we generate a complete and cost-effective technique that ensures the client’s security. 



It is important to ensure the security of the property, business and lives under proper care by giving them the best protection. At Local Security, we assist in protecting your property and assets by providing the best professional patrolling officers who cater as a very evident deterrent to the crime. Our patrol officers are always watchful, patrolling for possible sparks that can be eliminated before they become full-scale problems. You can trust our patrolling officers armed with an eagle eye for threats or danger to nip problems in the bud.



Local Security proudly provide bar and nightclub security. We feel it is significant to offer the high level of protection that you as a client and we as a security provider require. We provide the same level of security whether you need it for a small bar or a significant number of officers for an important event at a nightclub. We monitor our services over time and refine them if necessary to ensure complete satisfaction.



Warehouses present unique safety concerns for business holders. Local Security trained experts can tailor-made a top-notch plan for your warehouse. We can provide a vast scope of assistance for your business. Security can be supplied to suit your requirements whether you operate multiple warehouses or need protection for only one warehouse.



Ensure the security of your industry’s day-to-day performance with the assistance of our industrial security providing services. We present matchless industry security services for a broad range of requirements, from a single security guard during working hours to around-the-clock armed patrolling professionals. Our industrial security company sets these guards to the best use utilizing their years of experience and tactics to ensure your building, equipment and staff are always secured when you need it.



We at Local Security are very much involved in the whole activity, always guiding and supporting our customers, even during stressed times. We value our clients’ needs and requirements and offer our services accordingly. Our value for work ethics also makes us a leading security company. Our restaurant security guards take care of small details so that safety is ensured at all times. Our hiring process is also comprehensive as we know that our customers only deserve the best. Our restaurant security services are top-graded, and we see to it that all our security staff is very disciplined.



Local Security provide effective safeguarding solutions to serve our client’s requirements. We guarantee that our professional security services are furnished constantly according to the client’s needs. We offer our services at astonishingly competitive prices. Our SIA licensed security staff is trained to perform professionally and swiftly in any incident. We are 100% determined to surpass customers’ expectations.



No security providing company is more prepared and qualified to help you with experts and professional security officers on the job all day and night in any event. We are capable of providing dedicated and highly trained security guards to oversee safety measurements at events. Our security team will ensure the success of your event by keeping your attendees safe and secure. We can supply security for music festivals/concerts, private events, award ceremonies/shows, cultural events, sporting events and many more.



Our security services are not like our competitors. Our security guard services in London have been trained differently for different circumstances. They are SIA certified professionals who know to perform accordingly at any stage and keep calm even during difficult situations. We charge only a small amount for our committed work to ensure that security can be afforded and availed by everybody. We are always watchful on our jobs day and night to ensure that students are at a safe place. We continually monitor educational institutions to secure children from criminals and lawbreakers.



London Security guards are extraordinarily productive in fulfilling their responsibilities at theatre/cinema premises. Only professionally trained security guards can be lifesavers when it comes to any emergency. They are trained to handle such situations peacefully as they are trained to deal with such problems calmly. Ensuring the security of theatre staff and vehicles of the guests is another significant assistance you can expect from professional theatre security service providers. Our skilled security guards are specifically trained to handle all these situations, and they are experts in keeping prospective criminals away from the venue.



As squatters and theft become an increasing issue for construction sites, we expand our services by providing experienced SIA approved security guards, advanced technology, and prime security practices. We will be around to secure your construction site all the time. We work intimately with you to generate a high optical and manifold security appearance throughout your construction sites. We also ensure round-the-clock site protection to minimize the lost productivity, substantial penalty fees, missed project deadlines and high reinsurance premiums, which can negatively affect your objective and put a shear on your budget.



For the profitability of a retail organization, its security is more critical than any theft or threat issues. We at Local Security help our clients and provide them with the best security services for their safety from theft and any loss or fraud. Our professional, well-trained loss prevention security officers have undergone rigorous training to challenge any security concerns that busy public establishments such as fashion outlets, shopping malls, or other places might have. We provide reliable security solutions from arson to theft prevention. Our SIA certified personnel with advanced technology ensure significant loss prevention.



Our corporate security London is highly reliable, dynamic, professional and flexible and above all, cost-effective. We understand the significance of maintaining a professional profile that compliments the shape of your company. All of our corporate security guards are industry-standard SIA certified. This guarantees that we solely employ only professional experts and highly skilled and trained security personnel.


Most Frequent Questions & Answers

Many reasons are there due to which security guards are important. They assist protect schools, banks, businesses, buildings and other essential premises. Not only do they secure premises, but also they secure people.

Every single security guard that works for Local Security is required to complete a mandatory training program. We first offer our employees a complete orientation in the custom-designed training program. Next, we educate our employees on customer service procedures. Then on-site training is provided to the employees that is designed to reinforce team building and professionalism.

Our security services are utilized in a variety of businesses, retail shops, industries, commercial properties, construction sites, restaurants, pubs, cinemas etc. are just a few of the popular areas where our security services are utilized.

Our security services are available in the United Kingdom areas of Essex, London, Kent, Surrey and Berkshire.

The security guards are equipped with the latest technology, allowing them to be as efficient and effective as possible when reporting and watching for suspicious activity. It also permits guards to be vigilant in responding and reporting to client or citizen concerns.

Local Security offer an assortment of services. Both commercial and residential security guards are available. Our security guards ensure that each client receives all services requested as our guards are experienced in several different industries. 

We recognize that our guards are usually the first point of contact for visitors and staff when entering a client’s premises. Hence, our guards possess excellent communication skills are well trained and able-bodied.

Our security team will work with you to assess your specific needs and situation. A customized, detailed security service plan will then be offered. Any guard or guards team you will hire will be wholly licensed and prepped on all procedures and duties that have been discussed by both the client and London Security Services of Local Security.