Would you be interested in joining a leading facilities management company with a good reputation for excellence? Local Security is recruiting Door Supervisors to join our passionate Security team in Essex. At Local Security, you will have the chance to work at venues and events if you are willing to do so. We also are looking to fill many positions of Door Supervisors across Essex in pubs, clubs and restaurants. Whether you are looking for a lot of work or for a few shifts around the week in Essex, Local Security casual contract provides you with several options.

You are required to do weekend shifts, however. So if you want to do supervisor shifts at locations near or outside of your area and events and parties, you will be provided with the option to do so in local employment terms. You will absolutely have opportunities, access and possibilities at big events and festivals in Essex. We at Local Security are looking for passionate Door Supervisors to work at clubs, pubs, restaurants and big events throughout Essex.

Please remember that:

  • You will be expected to participate in a personal interview with one of our security specialists, so only apply if you are ready to go through such a process.
  • To apply for this position of Door Supervisor, you must have a current, valid SIA license.


Local Security is a private, independent security firm that serves Essex and the surrounding areas. By engaging top-notch female and male officers, the organization aims to provide unrivaled and most pleasing security solutions on the market. From Licensed Facilities and Event Safety to Close Security Protection and Domestic Security, we provide personalized and bespoke services.


Local Security is searching for skilled Door Supervisors to represent our ever-expanding team in Essex, where they will cover a variety of shifts at pubs, clubs, and legal establishments. It will be your job to stop and prevent crime. You’ll be keeping an eye on everyone who comes inside the arena. Handling crises and reacting to clients in a timely and efficient manner.


  • You will be offering day to day effective and efficient security service, ensuring elevated standards are maintained and delivered across the site.
  • Managing the egress and access of the site completing logs where needed.
  • Crowd Management
  • Regular site patrols and check reports of incidents and calls.
  • Act as a visual deterrent to prevent disorder and crime that may delay or halt the project.
  • Providing security to premises and assets by preventing, deterring, detecting and disrupting illegal or unauthorized activities.
  • Responding in an effective manner to emergency situations.
  • To maintain a secure environment by establishing and enforcing security policies and procedures across the venue.
  • When required, check identification.
  • Handling problems as they occur, ensuring any incidents that happen are reported.
  • Supervision of premises, equipment, customers, staff and clients.
  • If necessary, perform regular searches.


  • Previous experience of working in a Security role
  • Must be punctual and reliable
  • You must have the right, according to law, to work and stay in the United Kingdom (for non-EU nationals, a copy of your permit or visa will be required as proof).
  • For suitable candidates, we can offer an immediate start.
  • You must have a valid SIA license for Door Supervision
  • Customer-facing door supervisor experience is essential.
  • High levels of professional integrity
  • Good timekeeping is necessary
  • Willingness to learn and develop new skills
  • Working as part of a team
  • First Aid Certification (needed)



  • Working experience and knowledge in the security field are advantageous.
  • Emergency procedures are well-organized and prioritized.
  • Excellent interpersonal and customer service capabilities
  • Communication and presenting abilities are important.
  • Keep your SIA on display. At all times, certification in the front lines is required.
  • Local Security is a developing firm with a large staff team that accepts applications from qualified and suitable people.
  • We value initiative, assist the operative’s professional growth, and encourage goals to advance and flourish in the security field.
  • The timetable will be as follows:
  • Weekends are available, as are shift arrangements that are flexible.
  • 6-hour shifts are available
  • Shifts of eight hours
  • 10-hour shifts are available.
  • Twelve-hour shifts
  • Salary ranges from £– to £– per hour.



Documentation that is required

  • A current SIA Door Supervisor License is required.
  • Visa on the basis of a passport or a birth certificate (if relevant)
  • Bank statements with sort code, address, and account number as verification of address
  • Worked as a security guard in clubs, bars, pubs, and other establishments.
  • Strong written and spoken command of the language (fluency in additional languages is a plus)
  • Those with military training and a background in martial arts are encouraged to apply.



  • Local Security offer competitive rates of pay at £– per hour
  • Can be PAYE or Self Employed 
  • Work available for the whole week with a schedule including holidays, night shifts, overtime, and weekend shifts.
  • Development and learning opportunities
  • Future progression opportunities and supportive working culture

If you are interested in joining a business that inspires career progression and professional development and you feel you meet the above requirements, you can apply here. We actively encourage applications from qualified and talented individuals regardless of religion, color, race, gender identity, veteran status or national origin.