Local Security is set up in order to fill the gap of security provision in a genuinely customer-focused way. We pride ourselves on maintaining the best working relationships with our customers. 

We achieve this goal by carefully listening to what our clients ask for and providing them with the best security by going the extra mile to ensure they can feel their safety is in the best hands. 

We offer our security services with guards who are SIA licensed, highly trained, professional, efficient and reliable. As the world’s leading intelligent security services supplier, we proudly stand guard to secure what actually matters – the welfare and safety of property and people everywhere.

Local Security combines natural intelligence and cutting edge technology to keep you as well as your business secure. Local Security is the partner of selection for security companies across the world and the United Kingdom. You can find the best security services, strategies and solutions by selecting Local Security as your security provider.



Berkshire security experts know and understand the individual requirements of people and organizations when it comes to personal or property protection. Each area in Berkshire brings its own security challenges, whether it is from threats against a person, damage to property or theft. We are able to respond to the individual requirements of each client in an effective and professional manner with our wide range of security services.

All of our guards are SIA (Security Industry Authority) approved and are professionally trained and supervised around the clock, offering our clients complete peace of mind. We have systems in place and expertise to let you get on with your daily routine while ensuring protection, whether it is for high profile events, individuals or corporate clients. Berkshire Security companies provide regular training to all the security guards to ensure they exhibit and possess the skills needed to exert in the environment in which they work.



We provide each of our customers with a custom-built assessment to give them a security service that best suits their security needs and business. With many years of experience in the security industry, the owners themselves take the time to know what our customers are looking for in which we are adept. Our professional staff is hand-picked to fit each venue and customer’s requirements differently.


At Local Security, our team of security guards are trained and vetted to the highest standards. Our private security guards are trained to meet your exact needs, whether you are looking for security personnel to secure your construction site or commercial premise.


At Local Security, we understand the importance of door supervisors. They play an essential role in terms of reputation, specific brand identity and credibility of each venue they work at. Our highly trained, approachable and friendly door supervisors.


At Local Security, we aim to provide you with complete peace of mind secure in the knowledge that your business and premises are safe and secure. After the close of your business, our security services will take control of the security setup for your premises or business. 


Local Security is the most prestigious close protection service provider. We know that some of the most wealthy and famous people need security measures. Our security services will give you total peace of mind preventing potential risks with effective risk management. 



Patrolling services are an essential factor in a successful security system. Patrollers’ presence not only serve as a deterrent, but their rapid response times make sure better security of your assets and facilities against several criminal acts. You can rely on our patrolling services whether you need to protect a mall, warehouse or office building. Our patrolling services are equipped to support municipalities by monitoring parks, public buildings, public areas and many more.



Local Security provides each of our customers with a site security guard who is dedicated to your premises and ensures the best nightclub security services possible. We understand that all patrons are essential to the success of your business in a nightclub environment. We regularly train our security personnel in customer care, de-escalation techniques and conflict resolution to offer your patrons an enjoyable experience. Our nightclub security offices go through extensive training and classroom instructions regarding crowd management, defensive tactics and ID verification. We will help make your nightclub venue a successful and secure place for both you, your patrons and your employees with Local Security as your nightclub security supplier.



A retail business cannot afford to grow and operate when an existing security program’s flaws directly impact the bottom line and as a weak link in the chain. With many years of experience working within warehouses building security services and any resulting merchandise, it has been maintaining supply chains in business. Local Security is the top trusted security partner for all retail premises alike, providing everything from security presence to emergency services and everything in between.



Security and safety are critical concerns for any industry or industrial business, and it is complex to maintain the balance between security and safety. Local Security employ highly trained, professional security officers, leading-edge integrated systems technologies and a management team concentrated on providing a second to the none security program. Local Security partners with our clients to develop a security-driven culture and set realistic goals to ensure our client’s interests are always safe and secure.



Each restaurant has its own requirements when it comes to security. They not only have to pay attention to serving and cooking meals, but they have to balance the protection of their guests, employees and the safety of their premises. Local Security understands that each restaurant is uniques in its way, and that is why we do not offer a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to the security of their guests, employees and building. We provide complete protection for our clients’ total peace of mind. We work with our clients to maintain, design and build a cutting-edge security system customized to your restaurant’s individual requirements so you can pay attention to running a secure and successful business.



Our range of private and commercial security services are vast as Berkshire Security Services of Local Security operate across a broad range of sectors, including residential, commercial and residential premises, local authority, retail. Education, leisure and shopping centers. With Local Security, you know you are in safe hands thanks to trained and highly experienced staff and our excellent levels of customer care service.



Local Security has specialized experience in risk analysis, crowd control and event security. Berkshire Security is well versed in managing any situation that may potentially arise in the private or public sector of or industry with the most experienced and largest staff in the area. 

Knowing your security supplier has the experience and knowledge needed to handle large crowds can relax the minds of clients and coordinators, permitting them to focus on other areas of their work.



Violent and blatant security breaches have destructive effects, and whether you are a teaching professional or a parent, any school security should always stay high on the agenda. Safety and security in schools is a highly emotive subject and one that is never far from the conscience of the facilities team, who all have roles to play in the enactment of school security strategy effectively.  

It is the basic need of schools to safely contain the children during the school hours in their care, keeping them away from any threats within the grounds’ confines and securing them from unwanted trespassers. Local Security provides expert security services and professional security personnel to educational institutions.



Local Security mission is to offer the best security services to theatres/Cinemas. We are providing unrivalled security service to our clients, and our professional and experienced security guards work with the clients to offer individualized and realistic security plans. Theatre security guards provide vigilantly protection services seven, 24 hours a day and seven days per week. 

We know that your business is compared with large display television at domestic. So Local Security strives to provide a fantastic experience with our primal services. Our work speaks for itself, and we have professional security services our clients will gratefully refer us to your wish.



Secure your construction sites from loitering, vandalism and theft with patrol services and standing guards. Berkshire Security Services of Local Security offer exemplary construction sites security services at unbeatable prices across Berkshire. Our 24-hour security guard service is specifically designed to secure and protect construction sites in order to minimize employee pilferage, trespassing, loitering, vandalism, theft and many other unwanted activities. We offer every customer a customized security plan to accommodate their specific requirements as every construction site is unique.



Corporate event managers know the complexities of large-scale corporate events. In spite of the involvement of all the moving parts, one element can trump them all: the security and safety of your guests. Professional and trained corporate security officers can assist ensure that your corporate event runs without any disruptions from any unplanned security risks as you envisioned. You can achieve your organization’s business objective and put a successful event or corporate business with the professional services our guards provide.



Local Security is tailored to reduce the risks and improve the guests’ experience providing security services to retail and shopping centers. Our industry-leading training offers our security professionals a solid base of first aid knowledge and customer service that is customized for your specific requirements.

Access to the leading experts in retail security, the highest standards of training, and goal-focused security programs – that’s what makes partnering with Local Security.


Most Frequent Questions & Answers

We could cover Essex, Surrey, Kent, London, Berkshire and many other areas in the United Kingdom.

Local Security has provided its security guards to retail stores, local charities, community centres, construction sites, industries and commercial sites in the United Kingdom. We have offered constantly high standards and quality for all the sites.

Hourly check calls are made to ensure the safety of the guard if the only guard is working on site. From the management, both regular and random site visits are made to make sure that work quality is maintained and safety and health are compiled.

Our security guard costs are constructed taking into consideration your security needs; we carry out a risk assessment and site survey, put the results in a report detailing how to reduce risk and improve safety and security and charge a very affordable price at our security guard service.

Usually, a 24 hours notice is needed if you need security service in the areas where we operate, but we can also provide security guards for your sites at short notice.

All security officers are must complete their SIA verified training and be certified with an SIA badge before they can apply to be Berkshire security guards.

Local Security understand entirely that flexibility is vital and that if you had a security guard for 9 hours shift, we praise that this could go to 10 or 11 hours depending on the situation, and we can accommodate this.